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The British Columbia Christian Secondary School Athletic Association is pleased to inform our participating schools of the Jack Boersma Junior Athlete Award. There are a number of schools in our association that do not offer high school programs. This means that there are students who will never be eligible for the Luke Van Harmelen scholarship because they will be finishing their schooling in a public school. For this reason we would like to recognize the achievements of Junior athletes.



Two or three Jack Boersma Junior Athlete Awards will be given to students who best combine the qualifications set out in our guidelines. The winners of this award will be eligible to receive up to $250.00 toward a sports camp of their choice.



To be eligible for this award, a student must be a registered grade 10 student at a Christian Senior Secondary School within our association.



Applicants must show evidence of:

  1. athletic ability and performance

  2. scholastic achievement and goals (a minimum average of C+ is mandatory in order for application to be considered)

  3. leadership and character

  4. school, community, and church participation

  5. participation on school sports teams and attendance in BCCSSAA tournaments

How to Apply

  1. Applicants must complete the attached form and submit it. Please print a copy for yourself before submitting it.

  2. Applicants must also print a copy to give to the principal of his/her secondary school.

  3. The principal’s office is required to mail the following items direct to the current secretary/treasurer of the association:

    1. a copy of the student’s current grade 10 marks attached to the student’s application form

    2. the principal’s own confidential supporting letter certifying the student’s participation in school and community activities, both athletic and non-athletic, plus a separate priority ranking of candidates if more than one is applying from the same school.

(Please submit these components of the student’s application and realize that the last component is not a critical factor in the review process.)



Applicants will be reviewed and recipients selected by the Governing Committee by June 14.



Successful applicants for the Jack Boersma Junior Athlete Award will receive notice of their award by June 30 of the current year.



All applications and supporting letters must be RECEIVED no later than June 1 of the current year and be addressed to the current secretary/treasurer of the association. For the name and address of the current secretary/treasurer, ask your school’s athletic director or it is on the website home page.

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